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Factors influence Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia to adopt e-Commerce , Individual Difference as Moderator
1500 until 1600
Meeting Room 7th Floor
Lim Seng Chee
Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin
In year 1997, Malaysia government has introduce Multimedia Super corridor project to public, the purpose of having this project is attract world first class information and communication technologies(ICT) companies to boost up local ICT companies. Malaysia government has put a lot of efforts and investments to setup high speed network and enhance broadband Internet infrastructure, but the achievements still do not reached to the satisfied level, the e-Commerce Adoption rates among Small Medium Enterprises (S.M.Es) in Malaysia considered low if compare to our neighbor country, Singapore. There are some factors influence the e-Commerce adoption, for instance external factors such as environment issue and internal issue such as Individual's behavioral issue that influence the company's owner decision to adopt e-Commerce into their working environment. The objective of this research paper is to investigate the e-Commerce adoption rates among Small Medium Enterprise(S.M.Es) in Malaysia, and to identify potential factors that might hindrance the e-Commerce Adoption among Small Medium Enterprises (S.M.Es) in Malaysia.
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