My UniAlliance – SAP Faculty Workshop on Introduction to ERP using GBI V2.1 at


Two staff members from the School of Computer Sciences attend the training. The trainer is Ms. 
Kasturi Kanchymalay from the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

It is expected that the SAP elements will be integrated in the curriculum as follows:
•    Second year students via a course (Database Organisation and Design).
•    Third year students majoring in Information Systems Engineering
•    Master of Informatics (New programme).


: 01-10-2012 05-12-2012
: As Tentative - As Tentative
: Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
: National
: Academic Staff
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus , Malaysia

To explain how the fundamental business processes interact with SAP ERP in the functional areas such as Sales and Distribution,
Production Planning, Financial Accounting, and Human Capital Management


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Registration Briefing For Higher Degree Mixed-Mode

: 06-09-2012 06-09-2012
: 9:00am - 02:00pm
: Conference Room, Level 7, School Of Computer Sciences USM
: School
: Student
School Of Computer Sciences USM , Malaysia

For details please refer to the attachment.




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Mix on Campus - Microsoft, 13 Jan 2011 @DKG 31

The school together with Microsoft Student Partners of USM will be organizing an event called MIX on Campus where a mixture of Microsoft technologies will be introduced. We are happy to invite all Computer Science communities to come join in our event.

The details of the event are as follow:
Date: 13th January 2011
Time: 3.00pm – 5.30pm
Venue: DKG 31

We will be having some talk on Microsoft Expression Studio, Windows Phone7 and also Imagine Cup 2011. You will also get to experience the newly launched Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 and also Windows Phone7 as well. There will also be some freebies to be given away.

Please do come and join us as this event will include a talk on Imagine Cup. The World Wide Finals for 2011 will be in New York, USA.

Time Agenda
3.00 pm Opening and Welcoming Speech Speaker: To be confirmed
3.20 pm Talk : Microsoft Expression Studio Speaker : Ooi Keng Siang(USM)
3.50 pm Talk : MSDN AA Speaker : Hoong Jo Lynn (MSP)
4.20 pm Talk : Windows Phone7 Speaker : Ooi Keng Siang (USM)
4.50 pm Talk : Imagine Cup 2011 Speaker : Lim Chen Jie (Microsoft)
5.20 pm Microsoft Kinect + Windows Phone7 Session

See you there.


Event Information
Event Title: USM MIX on Campus 2011
Date & Time: 13th & 17th January 2011
Venue: DKG31, School of Computer Sciences, USM
Computer Lab 4, Level 3, School of Computer Sciences, USM
Objective: Introduce and encourage students to participate in the upcoming Imagine Cup and also allow students to have a better understanding of the Imagine Cup competition. Besides, it is also aimed to introduce some of the latest Microsoft technologies to the students.
Description: MIX on Campus is focused at introducing the Imagine Cup competition to all the students. Students were given a talk on Imagine Cup and also an experience sharing session with past Imagine Cup participants to enable them to have more knowledge on Imagine Cup. Besides, students were also given a little overview of some of the latest Microsoft technologies like Windows Phone7 and Microsoft Expression Studio. Moreover, this event also includes an ASP.NET workshop for students. Students were given a step by step guide by the speaker of the workshop.
Target Audience: All students

Event Agenda
13th January 2011 (Thursday)
DKG31, School of Mathematics 3.00pm – 3.10pm • MIX Campus Talk Opening
3.10pm – 4.00pm • Imagine Cup 2011
Speaker: Lim Chen Jie (Microsoft)
4.00pm – 4.45pm • Imagine Cup Experience Sharing Session
Speaker: 2009 Imagine Cup Winners
4.45pm – 5.20pm • Microsoft Expression Blend with Windows Phone7
Speaker: Ooi Keng Siang (MSP)
5.20pm – 6.00pm • Microsoft Kinect & Windows Phone7 Session
17th January 2011 (Monday)
Computer Lab 4, Level 3, School of Computer Sciences 5.00 pm 
7.00 pm • ASP.NET Programming Workshop
Speaker: Chan Ming Man (MVP)
Post-mortem Review
• The MIX on Campus talk managed to attract students from all years to attend, including some of the exchange program students. Students were quite interested in Imagine Cup with many of them asking questions during the experience sharing session.
• We had a great response for the ASP.NET Workshop. Many students requested to join the workshop even though it is held in the evening. The workshop was quite interesting with a step by step guide by the speaker on ASP.NET to all the students. Besides, the session was also very interactive between the speaker and the students with the students asking questions throughout the whole workshop.

• We were unable to carry out the Microsoft Kinect session as there was some problem with the disk. Students were quiet disappointed as they were looking forward to this session.
• The event began a little later than expected as the hall was occupied right before the event. We had to set up the projector and Xbox 360 causing a little delay in the event.
• Quite a number of students had to leave before the event was over as there were classes going on at the same time as our event.
• Many third year students were unable to attend the talk as they were busy with their final year project.
• The time allocated for the workshop is too short, causing the speaker to rush through the workshop. Some students could not catch up with the speaker as speaker was going quite fast. 

• The event should not be scheduled at a time where students are busy and have to attend classes. This causes them to be unable to attend the event. 
• The Microsoft Kinect should be checked before the event to make sure that it is working and running as it should be. If we had found out that it is not working before the event, we will still have time to find a solution for it.
• More promotions should be done to attract more students to attend the event. These promotions should be focused on students from other faculties so that not only students from the School of Computer Sciences will be aware and attend the event.
• More interesting technologies that can be related to students should be introduced so that students will have more interest in joining the event.
• The time allocated for the workshop should be longer as two hours is not enough for the speaker to conduct the whole workshop. 

Organizing Committee 
• Ooi Keng Siang (Microsoft Student Partners)
• Muna Omar (Microsoft Student Partners)
• Hoong Jo Lynn (Microsoft Student Partners)

MDeC Talk: Exploring Options in the ICT World, 17 Feb. 2011, @DKG31


MDeC has conducted an extensive study related to the competency matrix required in ICT careers. MDeC also organises many programmes in order to help ICT students to enhance their skill sets. We are honoured to be able to invite Mr Ai’dil Bin Mahumdin, Executive – K-Infra Talent Development, MDeC who will also discuss some research done by MDeC in term of skills needed before entering the ICT industry.

We would like to invite all students, academics and practitioners in ICT field to join the talk as detailed below:
Date: 17 Feb. 2011
Time: 12 pm - 12:50 pm
Venue: DKG31, ground floor, School of Computer Sciences, USM



The brief yet informative talk by Mr Ai'dil managed to give an insight mainly to our first year students on the current demand in ICT field. This in turn will help them to choose their major during their study at School of Computer Sciences. It also exposed some of the programmes offered under KDI (K-Workers Development Initiatives) that include:
- Undergraduate Skills Programme (USP)
- Undergraduate Apprenticeship and Development Programme (UGRAD)
- Graduate Trainee Programme (GTP)
- Skills Training and Enhancement Programme (STEP)
- Job Camp (JC)
- Industry-Academic Collaboration (IAP)

For more info visit Our local students are encouraged to explore the opportunities at MDeC. 

We would like to thank Mr Ai'dil and his colleague Ms Hajar for sharing the information on ICT careers and programmes at MDeC to our students.
Mr Ai'dil of MDeC presenting the information on ICT skills