2014 Project Highlights:


Computer Science Industry Community Enggagement Week (CS-ICE 2014)

This event was held on the 29th October 2014 to 1 November 2014 with the main objective of sensitizing the public about the role of computing in our daily lives besides changing the traditional public perception on the field of Computer Sciences. CS-ICE 2014 outlines a few subprograms, each with its own objectives but, coordinated under the main goal.


The main subprogram Kem Klik Dengan Bijak is organized in collaboration with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). This camp is aimed at educating and creating awareness about the importance of prudent use of the Internet as a security measure to protect Internet users from the dangers of cyber crime. It also aims to raise public awareness of opportunities for further education in the field of computer science at USM for the secondary students in rural schools around the North region. Thus, programs such as Scratch workshop that introduces programming concepts through animation are incorporated as one of the modules in the camp to foster interest among the participants. Overall, CS-ICE 2014 highlighted the importance of ICT in daily life should start at school level. Education and the use of ICT knowledge among school students should start with the disclosure of the importance of ethical use of computers. Accordingly, this year's program had used the module provided by MCMC to expose students to the ethical use of computers in addition to programming skills. 


CS-ICE 2014 also involved a subprogram Jejak Menara Gading Orang Asli Tangkai Cermin which is a continuation to the previous community projects that was held last year at Kampung Tangkai Cermin. The current program is aimed at providing the opportunity to the Orang Asli community to experience the university life in USM. The organization of this subprogram is an evidence of commitment and continuous efforts of the School of Computer Science to address the dropout problem and foster interest in education among Orang Asli students.


In addition, the CS-ICE also includes subprograms Computer Science Internship and Recruitment Fair (CSIRF), which aims to facilitate the School of Computer Sciences (SOCS) students particularly the third year and forth (final) year students in exploring internship opportunities and the current job market effectively. This event not only assists the third year students in obtaining industrial placements at companies; but also exposes the visting secondary students in planning their career pathways upon their graduation. As part of the fair, private companies as well as statutory bodies are provided booths in order to showcase their related business activities and also conduct open interviews for both careers and industrial placement. Besides that, selected companies are invited to provide a career talk for the students which would broaden the students' knowledge on the companies.


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Previous Projects:

  • Program Komuniti Orang Asli Tangkai Cermin Bersama Pusat Pengajian Sains Komputer 2013 – This project is aimed at enlightening the young generation of Orang Asli on the role played by ICT in their daily life and how this technology could help them increase their income. [Fully sponsored by various sponsors].

  • Computer Science Community Awareness and Education Week (CS-CARE 2012) is one of the biggest events that organise by the School of Computer Sciences in the year 2012. This event accomodates several series of programmes on community awareness and education. The 3-days event was aimed to increase the awareness and knowledge with latest technology and also education opportunity in Computer Science area. [USM BJIM AdHoc Grant]

  • Care For the Second Language (C4SL) – This project adopt the use of knowledge portal as a platform to enriched the teaching and learning for English.  [USM Grants]

  • GreenEve2Peace: M-Community for Farmers – This project is aimed at facilitating the process of information dissemination and promotional services to farming communities using the hybridization of web application and mobile text messaging. [APEX DE Grant]