Linkages Portfolio

The linkages portfolio served as a channel for the academicians and researches to develop partnerships or collaboration in various disciplines. This division act as a liason to sought collaboration opportunities on mutual benefits with industries and communities. This division is also involved in event management that relates to delivering impact or giving back to the society. There are two types of linkages that are being handled separately which are the Industrial Linkages and the Community Linkages


Industrial Linkages

The Industrial Engagement focuses on building a continuous rapport with the industry via collaborations in four approaches:

  • Industry Training Program
  • Industry/Community Advisory Panels (ICAP)
  • Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement
  • Staff Attachment


Community Linkages

The community engagement focuses more on the Corporate Social Responsibility of the School. However, our contribution can only be in form of knowledge rather than monetary. Hence we conduct project based on humanitarian will and also with the intention of using ICT in improving lifes in all sectors. We have had a number of academicians who had applied their research findings into daily lifes of targeted community via USM Delivering Excellence Grants and we also conduct projects involving students and staffs of our school on transferring ICT knowledge to targeted local community where the financial cost are fully supported by sponsors.