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School of Computer Sciences, USM offers Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) at undergraduate level.


For postgraduate levels. there are two mix mode programs which includes:-

1. Master of Science (Computer Science) and
2. Master of Science (IT Technopreneurship).currently not beif offered.
3. Master of Informatics

For research mode at the postgraduate level, there are:-

1. Master of Science (MSc) and
2. Doctoral degrees (PhD).


Why study Computer Science ?

Why study Computer Sciences ?

Computer science is the heart of the scientific revolution in the 21st century. Computers are everywhere today, and the job market reflects this. Communication in all of its forms—telephone, television, networks—depends on complex and extremely reliable software. Vehicles, ships, aircrafts, and satellites are all controlled by computers. Modern medical care depends on imaging techniques that in turn depend on computation. Businesses from your local bank to international online stores rely on secure access to networks and databases. The booming entertainment industry, notably the video game and animation sectors , also generates extensive demand for programmers and designers.


What would a graduate in Computer Sciences do?

Computer science graduate design and create new software and also modify and test existing software for information technology applications used in a broad range of businesses and industries. Computer graduated are also required to devise new and more efficient algorithms and techniques. They analyze and develop computer solutions to meet their clients' information processing, database and computation needs, and also plan and implement computer security systems for database access control.


Why choose Computer Sciences at USM?

The USM's Computer Sciences degree program balances solid theoretical foundations with extensive hands-on programming work. You will learn important computer science concepts and skills by actually doing assigned tasks using professional techniques and tools. Classroom lectures are backed by work in regularly upgraded, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, including specialized labs for databases, networks, high performance computing and artificial intelligence, and more.

Contact Us

School of Computer Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 USM, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: (+604) 653 3888 ext. 3647/3610
Fax: (+604) 657 3335

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