M-Umrah Mobile Application

M-Umrah Mobile ApplicationM-UMRAH is a Umrah guiding mobile application for mobile users based on Android system. This mobile application is developed including: The Location Tracking System in the Holy Land of Mecca, Medina, Mina, Arafat Mudzalifah and the technology that integrates GPS (Global Positioning System), AR (Augmented Reality) and compass, M-HAJJ , Q and A interactive quiz, decision Support System and application of Islamic worship.

Development application - this application is intended to:Menu in M-Umrah Application

• Educate and train the congregation of Hajj & Umrah in the process of teaching and learning.
• Provide guidance and procedures to implement the complete Hajj & Umrah according to sunnah waljamaah experts to get Hajj & Umrah accepted.
• Waking the easy transfer of innovative applications by integrating the latest computer technology.


The Application M-UMRAH is developed to assist pilgrims performing Umrah in Mecca's holy ground step by step starting from the preparation in their home until the job is completed in Umrah. the features of this application are:

  1. Providing a glimpse Umrah job that lists the activities and the guidelines based on the position of the congregation.
  2. Step by step how to perform the Umrah ritual; the components, Codes, Tips and Troubleshooting. Although the Umrah ritual procedure provides an interactive prayer.
  3. Revised system of worship (valid or not) for each rule and the Q & A with the use of artificial intelligence technology (AI).
  4. Interactive quizzes to test understanding of the congregation.
  5. Tips - current guidance in the Holy Land
  6. GPS-based Location Tracking System and technology "Augmented reality (AR)" and a compass to help pilgrims locate phone specific locations such as the Haram gate, the nearest prayer, the beginning of Tawaf and Sai, help the pilgrims back to the hotel and to obtain information on specific objects like more information about Maqam Ibrahim, etc.

The main goal of application is for Malaysian Market, so it is currently being developed in Bahasa Malaysia. This application will be translated into other languages for worldwide markets.

The basic of M-Umrah application (features 1-5) with low-quality graphics and audio are available free of charge for Android users via download on the market "Play Store".


List of experts in this project

Prof. Madya Muhammad Rafie Hj Mohd Arshad (Ketua)
Ustaz Abd Rhaffor Hj Mahmod
Prof.  Ahmad Tajuddin Khader
Puan Hasimah Hj Mohamed
Encik Mohd Azam Osman
Ustaz Mohd Yusof A.Rahim
Prof. Munirah bt Ghazali
Prof. Madya Nur’Aini Abdul Rashid
Prof. Madya Omar Majid,
Puan Wahidah Husain

Contributors and expertise in application development:

Aizat b Idris
Basyir b Adam
Mohamad Maulid b Badrul Hisham
Mohd Fekri b Mohd Jamil
Mohd Zamadi b Omar
Ustaz Mohd Zamrus b Mohd Ali
Muna bt Omar
Sarah Hazwanibt Adnan
Ustaz Zayd  b Zhari
Wardah bt Roslan

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Current Version:
Requires Android:
2.2 and up