Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) Programme

Computer Science at USM began with a course in programming in 1974. It has since developed into a specialisation in Computer Science under the Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) honours degree, and eventually the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (B.Sc. (Comp.Sc.)) degree with honours was offered. Beginning in the 1983/84 session, after a complete revamp of the curriculum, the Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Comp.Sc) degree with honours was offered to replace the B.Sc. (Comp.Sc.) degree. USM's B.Comp.Sc. (Hons) has succeeded significantly in producing highly qualified graduates that have been widely accepted by both the public and the private sectors. An important contributing factor to this success is its strong curriculum, which always strives to achieve a balance between the teaching of the theory of computing and exposure to practical aspects. The curriculum has been continually updated in accordance with current technology. For instance, in the 1992/93 session a new curriculum which was more up-to-date was implemented, and in the 1994/95 session, it was further modified to conform to the University Academic System (SPU). Beginning with the 1996/97 session, the curriculum had been adjusted to reduce the minimum period for graduation from 4 years to 3 years under the Three Year Academic System (SPTT). In 2000/01 session a new curriculum was introduced and adapted to conform with the recommendation made by the National Higher Education Council on SPTT (SPTT(M)). In 2006/07 session, a new revised curriculum was introduced. The degree programme has been adjusted in 2009/2010 to revert the minimum period for graduation to 4 years (Four Year Academic Systems) (Sistem Pengajian Empat Tahun) (SPET).

The School of Computer Sciences was the first school at USM to offer a collaborative programme with private colleges at the diploma level since 1995 and also the first to offer the USM external degree programme beginning 1997.

The aims of the Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) degree programme are to produce high-quality graduates with the necessary professional skills to practise as successful computing professionals and compete effectively in a world of rapid technological change.

SWOT  Profile of Output Undergrad Curriculum

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