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List of CS weekly research seminars in School of Computer Sciences, USM

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Title Presenter Academic Year Event's Date Start Time End Time
Proposal Review: Quality of Service Assurance in Multi-tier Cloud Services Mohamed Rezk Ahmed Mohamed Ghetas 2015/16 2015-12-17 1000 1100
Proposal Review: An Intelligent Evacuation Management System for Crowd Evacuation Azhar Mohd Ibrahim 2015/16 2015-11-11 1500 1600
Proposal Review: Secure BYOD Models for Smartphones againts APT Threat Zakiah Zulkefli 2015/16 2015-10-29 1500 1600
Research Review: Enhanced Classification Technique for Text and Image Email Filtering Model Mallikka Rajalingam 2015/16 2015-10-29 1500 1600
Research Review: Effective Mapping Architecture and Interworking Module between Inter Asterisk Exchange Protocol and Jingle Protocol Hadeel Saleh Haj Aliwi 2014/15 2015-09-15 0900 1000
Research Review: A Framework of Fast Deployment of Dialect Synthesis System Jasmina Khaw Yen Min 2014/15 2015-09-01 1400 1500
Proposal Review: Classification of Reusable Learning Objects based on Random Forest in Semantic Web Frameworks used to Develop Effective Module Learning Materials Rogers Phillip Bhalalusesa 2014/15 2015-08-24 1000 1100
Proposal Review: Market Segmentation for Small and Mid-size Retailers using MOLAP Data Mining and OLAP Fahed Yoseph 2014/15 2015-07-30 1500 1600
Proposal Review: Privacy Preservation and Data Utilization Enhancement Framework for Data Publishing based on Anonymization Salah Salem Saleh Bindahman 2014/15 2015-07-01 1400 1500
Research Review: Design and Assessment of Location-based Mobile Cardial Emergency System (LMCES): A Cross National Study Pantea Keikhosrokiani 2014/15 2015-07-01 1000 1100
Research Review: Aspect Extraction and Emotion Detection for Sentiment Analysis on Customer Reviews Toqir Ahmad Rana 2014/15 2015-06-25 0930 1100
Research Review: Hippocampus Segmentation Using Local-Based Geodesic Active Contour Guided Assembled-Based Weighted Coherent Point Drift Registration Anusha Achuthan 2014/15 2015-05-29 1500 1600
Proposal Review: Challenges in Service-Oriented Software Engineering Musa Midila Ahmed 2014/15 2015-05-19 1100 1300
Research Review: Automatic Text Classification Approach using Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency and K-nearest Neighbor on Twitter Ammar Ismael Khadim 2013/14 2015-05-05 1500 1600
Research Seminars: Proposal Review: Adaptive Hajj Blended Learning System: A Learning Framework Design Rayan Yousif Yacob Alkhayat 2013/14 2015-04-27 1030 1300
Research Seminars: Research Review: Hierarchical Division Based Method for Large Non-Rigid Point Sets Registration Chen Junfen 2013/14 2015-04-02 1430 1600
Proposal Review: Membrane-Inspired Bat Algorithm Approach to Recognize Faces in the Wild Bisan A. N. Salibi 2013/14 2015-03-26 1430 1600
Proposal Review: Towards Effective Retrieval of Software Design Specification Alhassan Adamu 2013/14 2015-03-09 1530 1700
Proposal Review: Impact of Technological, Organizational and Environmental Factors on Small and Medium Enterprises to Intention to Adopt e-Commerce in Jordan with the Moderating Role of Organizational Competency and External ICT Support Lubna Fatlawi 2013/14 2015-02-12 1600 1700
Proposal Review: An Approach for Automatic Topic Detection and Recognition Using Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency and K-Nearest Neighbour Algorithms Ammar Ismael Khadim 2013/14 2015-01-30 1000 1100