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Research Seminars

List of CS weekly research seminars in School of Computer Sciences, USM

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Title Presenter Academic Year Event's Date Start Time End Time
Research Review: Pair bonds in Genetic Algorithm Lim Ting Yee 2014/15 2014-10-30 1430 1600
Research Review: A Study on Ontology-based and Hybrid Genetic Algorithms Approach in Menu Planning Model for Malaysian Old Folks Home Ngo Hea Choon 2013/14 2014-10-23 1500 1630
Research Review: Utilizing Website Structure, Content and Ontologies for Web Usage Mining Preprocessing Mohammad Hani Nayel Al-Majali 2014/15 2014-09-08 1500 1630
Research Seminar Series: Multiple, Object-oriented Segmentation Methods of Mammalian Cell Tomograms Nur Intan Raihana Ruhaiyem 2013/14 2014-08-25 1000 1100
Research Review: Enhanced Reinforcement Learning Models and Their Application in Brain Fiber Tracking Problem Khosrow Amirizadeh 2013/14 2014-08-05 0900 1030
Research Seminar Series: I Feel You: State-of-the-art in Emotion Modelling Dr. Syaheerah Lebai Lutfi 2013/14 2014-07-03 1000 1100
Proposal Review: Optimizing Crowd Evacuation Plan in the Emergency Route Planning Problems Mohd Nor Akmal bin Khalid 2013/14 2014-06-26 1000 1130
Research Review: Enhanced Intelligent Water Drops Algorithms and Their Applications to Optimization Problems Basem O. F. Alijla 2013/14 2014-06-10 1500 1630
Research Review: Enhancing the Quality of Service in Moving Networks based on NEMO Basic Support Protocol Badiea Abdulkarem Mohammed Al-Shaibani 2013/14 2014-05-28 1500 1630
Research Review: Enhancing the Quality of Service in Moving Networks based on NEMO Basic Support Protocol Badiea Abdulkarem Mohammed Al-Shaibani 2013/14 2014-05-28 1500 1630
Research Review: Analysis Of Biomarker Identification Through Shrinkage Estimation And deABC (Artificial Bee Colony With Differential Evolution) From Mass Spectrometry Syarifah Adilah Mohamed Yusoff 2013/14 2014-04-25 1000 1130
Research Review: Enhanced Methods for Identifying Fish Behaviour Based On Fish Swimming Patterns Wong Poh Lee 2013/14 2014-04-25 1500 1630
Proposal Review: Two Dimensional Generative Models based on Membrane Computing Pradeep Isawasan 2013/14 2014-04-09 1100 1230
Research Review: An Intelligent Framework for Enhancing The Video Transmission Over Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: Multipath and Optimization Walid Shaher M. Yousef 2013/14 2014-04-02 1430 1600
Research Review: A Novel Credit-based Harmony Search Algorithm Mohd Khaled Yousef Shambour 2013/14 2014-03-25 1030 1200
Research Review: The Development of New Imperceptible Image-based Steganographic Algorithms Samer Hassan Suleiman Atawneh 2013/14 2014-03-18 1100 1230
Research Review: Profiling Malaysian ICT Academics on Their Choices of Commercialization Approaches Hafizul Othman 2013/14 2014-03-17 1500 1630
Research Review: Adapting and Enhancing Mussels Wandering Optimization Algorithm for Supervised-Training of Neural Networks Ahmed A. A. Abusnaina 2013/14 2014-03-11 1500 1600
Research Review: Software Maintenance Expert based Decision support Model: A Knowledge Management Perspective Rahma A. Kamaludeen 2013/14 2014-02-27 1530 1630
Multi-algorithm Ontology Mapping with Automatic Weight Assessment and Background Knowledge Shailendra Singh a/l Naranjan Singh 2013/14 2014-02-20 1000 1100

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