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List of CS weekly research seminars in School of Computer Sciences, USM

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Title Presenter Academic Year Event's Date Start Time End Time
Research Review: Question Answering using Social Information Retrieval and Text Semantic Relatedness Lee Jun Choi 2015/16 2016-01-06 1500 1600
Research Review: The Impact of User's Satisfaction Enablers on User's Satisfaction and Net Benefits with The Moderating Effect of User's Involvement and Readiness in The Malaysian Public Sector Organization Mazlan Mohd Sapfri 2015/16 2015-12-22 1430 1530
Proposal Review: Quality of Service Assurance in Multi-tier Cloud Services Mohamed Rezk Ahmed Mohamed Ghetas 2015/16 2015-12-17 1000 1100
Proposal Review: An Intelligent Evacuation Management System for Crowd Evacuation Azhar Mohd Ibrahim 2015/16 2015-11-11 1500 1600
Proposal Review: Secure BYOD Models for Smartphones againts APT Threat Zakiah Zulkefli 2015/16 2015-10-29 1500 1600
Research Review: Enhanced Classification Technique for Text and Image Email Filtering Model Mallikka Rajalingam 2015/16 2015-10-29 1500 1600
Research Review: Effective Mapping Architecture and Interworking Module between Inter Asterisk Exchange Protocol and Jingle Protocol Hadeel Saleh Haj Aliwi 2014/15 2015-09-15 0900 1000
Research Review: A Framework of Fast Deployment of Dialect Synthesis System Jasmina Khaw Yen Min 2014/15 2015-09-01 1400 1500
Proposal Review: Classification of Reusable Learning Objects based on Random Forest in Semantic Web Frameworks used to Develop Effective Module Learning Materials Rogers Phillip Bhalalusesa 2014/15 2015-08-24 1000 1100
Proposal Review: Market Segmentation for Small and Mid-size Retailers using MOLAP Data Mining and OLAP Fahed Yoseph 2014/15 2015-07-30 1500 1600
Proposal Review: Privacy Preservation and Data Utilization Enhancement Framework for Data Publishing based on Anonymization Salah Salem Saleh Bindahman 2014/15 2015-07-01 1400 1500
Research Review: Design and Assessment of Location-based Mobile Cardial Emergency System (LMCES): A Cross National Study Pantea Keikhosrokiani 2014/15 2015-07-01 1000 1100
Research Review: Aspect Extraction and Emotion Detection for Sentiment Analysis on Customer Reviews Toqir Ahmad Rana 2014/15 2015-06-25 0930 1100
Research Review: Hippocampus Segmentation Using Local-Based Geodesic Active Contour Guided Assembled-Based Weighted Coherent Point Drift Registration Anusha Achuthan 2014/15 2015-05-29 1500 1600
Proposal Review: Challenges in Service-Oriented Software Engineering Musa Midila Ahmed 2014/15 2015-05-19 1100 1300
Research Review: Automatic Text Classification Approach using Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency and K-nearest Neighbor on Twitter Ammar Ismael Khadim 2013/14 2015-05-05 1500 1600
Research Seminars: Proposal Review: Adaptive Hajj Blended Learning System: A Learning Framework Design Rayan Yousif Yacob Alkhayat 2013/14 2015-04-27 1030 1300
Research Seminars: Research Review: Hierarchical Division Based Method for Large Non-Rigid Point Sets Registration Chen Junfen 2013/14 2015-04-02 1430 1600
Proposal Review: Membrane-Inspired Bat Algorithm Approach to Recognize Faces in the Wild Bisan A. N. Salibi 2013/14 2015-03-26 1430 1600
Proposal Review: Towards Effective Retrieval of Software Design Specification Alhassan Adamu 2013/14 2015-03-09 1530 1700