Introduction to the Research Cluster

The School of Computer Sciences research’s initiatives are driven by three main clusters i.e. Service Computing, Data to Knowledge and Enabling Technology and Infrastructure. A balanced synergy between these three clusters is hoped to produce a holistic and sustainable research in computing science that benefits the society and nation.

       Service Computing
              Since the service technology is shaping the society in various areas such as health,
              business, education and government services, Services Computing has become a
              vital paradigm in empowering modern society with a flexible infrastructure and
              processing environment. (READ MORE)

       Data to Knowledge
              With advances in technologies, research community is flooded with ever-increasing
              dataset with different nature. Hence the need to locate, analyse and use these
              data becomes prominent for visualising and charting new discoveries. (READ MORE)

       Enabling Technologies & Infrastructure
             The big data phenomenon and the availability of platform across disparate entities
             could only be useful if they could be shared and reuse. (READ MORE)