Service Computing Cluster

Since the service technology is shaping the society in various areas such as health, business, education and government services, Services Computing has become a vital paradigm in empowering modern society with a flexible infrastructure and processing environment. In line with this, the Services Computing Cluster at the School of Computer Sciences has been further expanded to consist of four sub clusters that look into Enterprise Computing, Software Engineering, Social and Sustainable Computing and Multimedia System.


 Cluster Head  

Assoc. Prof Muhammad Rafie Hj. Mohd. Arshad

Lab   Enterprise Computing
Research Field   Service Science and Innovation, Management of Information Systems (MIS), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), IT Operations and Management & Technopreneurship 
 Faculty   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Suhaimi Baharudin (Co-ordinator), Dr. Nasuha Lee Abdullah, Pn. Rosnah Idrus
Lab   Software Engineering
Research Field   Service Systems Engineering(SSE), Software Analysis and Design Patterns, Software Productivity and Quality, Value-Based Software Engineering, Sustainable and Evolutionary Software Systems
Faculty   Dr. Sharifah Mashita Syed Mohamad, Dr. Sukumar Letchmunan, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zurinahni Zainol
Lab   Social & Sustainable Computing
Research Field    Social Informatics, Computer Ethics, Collaborative Computing, Information Evaluation & Usability Engineering
Faculty    Assoc. Prof. Wahidah Husain, Pn. Faten Damanhoori, Dr. Mohd Heikal Husin, Pn. Norlia Mustaffa, Dr. Syaheerah lebai Lutfi
Lab   Multimedia Systems
Research Field   Virtual Reality and Animation, Multimedia Retrieval, Processing and Analysis, Distributed Multimedia and Multimedia Communication, E-Learning & Multimedia Tools and Applications
Faculty   Assoc. Prof Muhammad Rafie Hj. Mohd. Arshad (Co-ordinator), En. Azlan Osman, Assoc. Prof. Putra Sumari, Pn. Hasimah Hj. Mohamed