Enabling Technologies and Infrastructures Cluster

The big data phenomenon and the availability of platform across disparate entities could only be useful if they could be shared and reuse. The infrastructure to support such sharing and reuse would lead to greater ubiquity of these systems. Researches in the enabling technology and infrastructure look into the interoperability of technologies supporting massive computation and methods that would enable a secure, fast and robust sharing infrastructure.  Hence the Enabling Technology and Infrastructure Cluster at the School of Computer Sciences has been expanded to consist of four sub clusters that includes High Performance Computing, Computer Networks, Information Security and High Performance Computational Biology


Cluster Head 


Assoc. Prof. Bahari Belaton

Lab   High Performance Computing
Research Field   Distributed Systems, Parallel Tools & Applications, Cluster and Multicore Computing, Grid Computing & Peer-to-Peer Computing
 Faculty   Prof. Rosni Abdullah (Co-ordinator), Assoc. Prof. Chan Huah Yong, Assoc. Prof. Fazilah Haron, En. G. C. Sodhy, Dr. Nurul Hashimah Ahamed Hassain Malaim, Dr. Mohd. Adib Hj. Omar, En. Mohd. Azam Osman, Mr. Zulkifli Dol
Lab   Computer Networks
 Research Field   Embedded Systems, Wireless and Mobile Computing, Quality of Service, Network & Communication Protocols, Network Modelling & Wireless Sensor Networks
 Faculty   Assoc. Prof. Wan Tat Chee (Co-ordinator), Dr. Azizul Rahman Mond. Shariff
Lab   Information Security
 Research Field
  Network Security, Malware, Cryptology, Steganography, Data Privacy and Preservation, Security Management & Digital Forensics
 Faculty   Assoc. Prof. Wan Tat Chee (Co-ordinator), Dr. Azizul Rahman Mond. Shariff
Lab   High Performance Computational Biology
Research Field   Parallel Sequence Analysis Algorithms, Parallel Structure Prediction Algorithms, Concurrency Theory in Biology & Network & Communication Protocols
  Assoc. Prof. Nur’Aini Abdul Rashid (Co-ordinator)
Lab   Information Security
Research Field   Network Security,Malware, Cryptology, Steganography, Data Privacy and Preservation, Security Management, Digital Forensics
Faculty    Prof. Azman Samsudin (Co-ordinator), Assoc. Prof. Aman Jantan, Dr. Manmeet Kaur Mahinderjit Singh, Dr. Zarul Fitri Zaaba