Among the objectives of this training programme are:

  1. To provide students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the operations, administration and organisational development of a computer department or organisation.
  2. To allow students to observe computing applications in daily practice.
  3. To expose students to “real” working situations and the problems normally encountered by an organisation.
  4. To enable organisations to identify appropriate good students as their potential employees upon graduation.
Learning outcome

At the end of the course,student should be able to:

  1. Propose solutions to operational and administrative problems that are normally encountered in an organisation.
  2. Participate in real team-work environment in an organisation.
  3. Follow ethical work values in an organisation.
  4. Demonstrate skills in organizational management as well as business opportunities.

The Industrial Training programme is one of the most important components of equipping Computer Science under graduates with useful skills in professional contexts. Trainees are expected to enhance their abilities to manage projects, prepare documentations and deliver a presentation, design, implement or maintain a system.

Length and Period of Training

26 weeks ( 6 months ) : Year 3 Semester 2 and Long Semester Break                                               ( February – July )

Note :

During the Industrial Training period students are not allowed to enroll in any courses during the (KSCP) period.